Growing up collecting basketball cards from the age of 8, and finding Magic: The Gathering at 13, Mike has always had his hands, eyes, and ears, on the trading card market.

He spent his late teen & early 20s traveling the world buying and selling Magic, Yugioh, and Pokemon cards - picking up the nickname "Mykeatog" somewhere in those travels. Taking that experience with him to Troll & Toad, he served as Vice-President for more than a decade. When Mike joined up there were 17 other employees under 1 company, now there are 300 under 6 different projects.

In early 2021 NFTs burst onto the scene and lit the collectibles world on fire. Innovation, excitement, and interest flew through the roof, and as ocean called to Moana, NFTs called to Mike. Determined to fill the void that the existing trading card companies were leaving on the table, Mike set off on his ultimate life quest.

There's no telling how far he'll go.


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