Beth Alice Art returns to WAX!

3 min readAug 22, 2022


NFTNT pivots away from booster pack format to focus on art.

Common Digital Collectible (350 max mint): $1

Beth’s art is really good, and we want to showcase it in a more effective manner than the booster pack format. We want to give her fans the opportunity to purchase exactly what they want and engage the interests of digital collectors of all tiers.

Rare Blend Digital Collectible (100 max mint): Any 3 Existing Cards

We do not want to leave any currently existing collectors behind, and here is how we plan to take care of them as we transition to the new format:

  1. All previously issued Beth Alice art pieces used in this collection are retired and will not be issued again by NFTNT (with one exception to be described later in this article).
  2. All previously issued Beth Alice Trading Cards will always be eligible in any staking program associated with this collection.
  3. All previously existing cards will always be eligible as blending pieces towards the limited blend variant.

The currently existing supply of booster packs will be removed from the market on, or around, October 1st 2022. Top 20% of holders will be gifted some of those packs, and the rest will be burned. Our goal here is to say “thank you” to existing collectors, and curve the supply bringing equilibrium to card quantities swiftly.

Ultra Rare Digital Collectible (50 max mint): $5

The Ultra Rare Gold bordered variant includes a couple small utilities — nothing fancy — utility that should be standard.

  1. White-List & Early Release opportunity for future releases.
  2. Automatic entry into all hold-to-earn drops.
  3. Gold holders will get to determine which “hold-to-earn” incentives the collection will use going forward. This could be additional farm funds, physical item purchases, or anything that the community develops in the future.

Right now, there are 25 physical artist prints, and 1 original painting in our possession, all of which will be distributed in 2022.

Unique Digital Collectible (1 of 1) $99

In its purest form, the unique 1 of 1 Digital Collectible represents the art for the sake of the art. At this time the price for the borderless 1 of 1 is set to $99, and as a courtesy utility (this is not expected to continue in this series forever)— comes with a gold bordered copy of the same card, as well as as a gold of the next 9 releases. If the market dictates that we need to raise the price of the this variant, we will do so.

One More Thing for Today!

Earlier in the article we mentioned that the existing cards had several uses, but could only be released in the future in one way — at various points in the future, we will issue Gold variants of those arts through blending. The blends will always require at least one of the original art, but other requirements will vary.

TLDR; Releasing Later Today
“Taste” by Beth Alice Art

350 Common Base — Digital Collectibles: $1 each
100 Rare Foil Blends — Digital Collectibles: Any 3 Existing Cards
50 Ultra Rare Gold Bordered Digital Collectible: $5 each
1 Unique Digital Collectible: $99

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