“Dragons of Tatealia” Digital Collectible Trading Cards!

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Next Release: Drop 7&8 Combo Pack! August 2022.

Introducing our most ambitious project to date, a 10 drop release that brings together 10 world renowned fantasy artists for The Tatealia Saga - Dragons of Tatealia digital collectible series! Here is the star studded list:

Amy Brown
Anthony Christou
Carla Morrow
Ed Beard Jr.
Nene Thomas
Piya Wannachaiwong
Rose Khan
Ruth Thomson
Tom Wood
Vincent Hie

Common — Doorway variant

Dragons of Tatealia Drop 1 is on sale now, and is available in 2 Products:

Dragons of Tatealia Drop 1 Booster Pack
Contains 5 NFT Trading cards, $6

Dragons of Tatealia Drop 1 Bundle Pack
Contains 5 “Dragons of Tatealia Drop 1 Booster Pack” & 1 Special Motion Card

You can purchase packs here:

You can purchase individual singles here:

Gold Standard Variant

Every drop will feature 1 piece of art from each of the 10 artists presented in 6 different variants, and 2 additional pieces — but only featured in 1 variant — Special Motion! Across the series each artist will contribute a total 12 pieces of art. Not counting any of the planned event cards, a complete collection will consist of 620 NFT trading cards!

The Special Motion slots will feature 2 different artists each week. Sometimes these will be featured in the booster packs, sometimes they will be included as a bonus item when you purchase the 5-pack bundle, sometimes they will appear in both! Remember — 2 Special Motion cards, will only be seen in 1 variant in the packs— making them significantly more rare than the other arts (they may appear in other ways though)!

Volumes Variant

Here is the schedule for artist special motion features:

DROP 1 Ruth Thomson & Piya Wannachaiwong
DROP 2 Tom Wood & Amy Brown
DROP 3 Nene Thomas & Carla Morrow
DROP 4 Vincent Hie & Rose Khan
DROP 5 Piya Wannachaiwong & Vincent Hie
DROP 6 Rose Khan & Tom Wood
DROP 7 Anthony Christou & Ruth Thomson
DROP 8 Ed Beard Jr. & Nene Thomas
DROP 9 Carla Morrow & Anthony Christou
DROP 10 Amy Brown & Ed Beard Jr.

In the first drop the variants are:

Common — Comic Sketch (10 cards)
Common — Doorway (10 cards)
Rare — Shine (10 cards)
Rare — Base Logo (10 cards)
Super Rare — Volumes (8 cards)*
Super Rare — Motion (2 cards)*
*some of the Volumes cards in each drop have been replaced with bonus Motions!
Ultra Rare — Gold Standard (10 cards).

Super Rare — Special Motion (2 cards) -These are the featured special motion cards.

As the collection continues, some events may alter which variants are included in future drops, if and when that happens, this article will be updated to reflect it.

Rare — Shine variant

Collector Goals & Awards

Collect all 62 of the cards in the first drop to receive an exclusive Award Variant card. The exclusive award cards contain utility that will be relevant in future releases, after Dragons of Tatealia. In fact, take notice that all the cards in this collection have 2 fields that can be updated in the future (this leaves open the possibility of collaborations with other collections). There will be other awards throughout the journey, as they are announced, this article will be updated.

Rare — Base Logo variant

Events, Alterations, & Awards

Tatealia is a happening place, and you never know when something remarkable might happen. Throughout the release of this collection, and beyond, there will be special events. Some of those events could have results that affect future variants, and the core series. Though it is too soon to know for sure, a local seer predicts our first encounter with an event of this nature will be somewhere around the 4th drop.

The first drop is the first launch for the collection; but it’s not the beginning of time in Tatealia. The Dragons did not always fly over the lands of Tatealia; the story is told that volcanic ember rained across the lands, and in that storm’s wake; the dragons landed, the magics bloomed.

Blend a drop 1 Common & Rare of any artwork to receive it’s Ember Storm variant! Collect all 10 of the Ember Storm variants to earn the Ember Storm variants for both of the drop 1 feature cards.

Events will come and go in Tatealia, and some will shape future releases, but we will save that for another time! (This event does not create any changes).

Welcome to Tatealia, a fantasy trading card world on the WAX blockchain.

Common — Comic Sketch variant

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