First Appearance: Beth Alice innitated!

3 min readDec 24, 2021

Here’s the link to grab the latest First Appearance drop!

As explained in the last article, Beth’s First Appearance is centered around this beauty “Coping Mechanisms”.

Ultra Diamond (far left, to be distributed randomly 7 days from event launch), Bronze and Silver available for Sale, at $5 and $10 respectively! The first 50 customers to purchase either 5 Bronze, or 2 Silver also receive a Gold!

Here’s a quick reminder of the current utility associated with this First Appearance, some of these are familiar, and some are new for this release.

Dynamic Utility by NFTNT — we embrace a couple mutable attributes, so we can keep bringing exciting new utility to all of our trading cards.

Initium Announcements!

Be on the lookout for the INITIUM Promo card! We don’t want to create cards with very little collectible value, so we will only issue 750 copies. First, every collector holding a non-pack asset from NFTNT will receive one, and the remaining copies will be given away in our discord to active members!

Initium DROP 1 Releases on 12/29/21!
Beth Alice’s debut collection will see it’s first drop just before the end of the year! Here’s a deep dive of DROP #1 details:

19 total cards to collect from packs!
6 commons, 6 uncommons, 3 rares, 3 super rares, & 1 ultra rate!
7 total cards to colllect from events!
7 ultra rare gold cards (limited to 50 copies)!
26 total cards to collect!

25 Redemptions!
Across the 12 drops that make up initium, printed and numbered exclusively for this release, is a print of one of Beth’s pieces of art. These redemption NFT’s are also a raffle ticket — one of the 25 redeemers will also win the actual painting itself! This painting:

One Lucky Collector will own this original piece of art!

Initium Event!
As each drop hits so will the rush for gold. All 7 pieces of art (including the ultra rare) will have an active blend to create the gold standard! Be fast though, only the first 50 blenders for each card will get the chance!

Thank you for checking out our First Appearance event, have a wonderful Holiday season, and stay tuned for more from NFTNT!

Beth cares about being GREEN!
One of Beth’s biggest concerns coming into this project was making sure that she wasn’t using a blockchain that hurt the environment. Here is a link to the details, but always remember that WAX is the carbon nuetral blockchain.

The NFTNT Discord is a great place to meet other collectors and make sure you stay on top of new information about your favorite releases!




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