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The Lore Icons is a service to the things that go bump in the night; a Trading Card Series to catalog tales told by campfire — stories felt but not seen, the truth is out here somewhere.

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When you have found the place in your mind where your thoughts betray you, you know you are here.

“I suppose we all know that these things aren’t real. I mean, with all of our fancy technology, and the marvels of modern science we would have figured it all out by now” “…Right?”
“A person might believe anything when properly frightened, however, the absence of proof is not proof of it’s absence.”
“Pay attention! There is more than meets the eye around every corner, things blended in the space between nightmare and reality.”

Launching December 16th at 17:00 UTC

The Lore Icons debuts with the first series, Cryptid Index: 1–10

Journey through the darkness in your mind, to the edge of sanity, and search for clues — something has changed in the town of Webbedsville.

Your quest to complete the index begins with collecting these 8 naturally occurring variants:
Stickers, Sketches, Facts, News, Icons, & 3 NFTNT Gold Variants.

Pay attention! There is more than meets the eye around every corner, things blended in the space between nightmare and reality…
I SAID PAY ATTENTION! The night itself screams here…
or is that just me? I wonder if anyone else can hear it, or if I’m just going insane.
I need to get out of here. I thought they said there would be 10 files? Did they lie to me…no, no, I must just be tired, BUT THIS IS ONLY 9!”

“ …wait, what? Why is this digital ghost yelling at me?”

- 5400 Preminted Packs
- 3 Trading Cards per Pack.
- 1 Rare (or better) Guaranteed.

As the community tracks down Cryptids, more and more rewards will be revealed. Can you be the first to collect all 10 to discover what secrets lie within?

— — — — — — — — — — — — COMMUNITY REWARD ROADMAP:
— — — — — — — — — — — —
1350 Packs Sold
Webbedsville Scientists will release a list of Blends available.

2700 Packs Sold200 Beta Promo Packs will be distributed randomly to wallets containing assets from “Cryptid Index: 1–10.”

4050 Packs Sold Bronze Mastery Trophy: Cryptid Index 1–10" for Pro Collectors League to be created. Utility and how to earn will be revealed.

5400 Packs SoldSpecial NFTNT “Ultra-Diamond” variant will be revealed, minted and distributed to wallets containing select assets from “Cryptid Index: 1–10"

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