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Next Release: “King Kong of Skull Island 2021” ~ September 2022.

4 min readDec 21, 2021

The collection name on WAX is kingkongofsi & can be found here!

Learn more about Skull Island through these ongoing releases by NFTNT on the WAX Blockchain:

  • Road to Skull Island Daily Drop (20 cards, 2 variants)

Existing King Kong assets from the extensive catalog of Joe DeVito released as a cohesive series of trading cards. Collect all 20 cards in either variant to earn an exclusive award card!

  • Road to Skull Island Motion Pack Drop (20 cards, 2 variants)

The Island’s magic mixed with the blockchain somewhere along the way to the Island. As a result of this, the motion variant and premium motion variant came into existence. Base Motion cards can be found in packs available to people who are holding any card from the Road to Skull Island. Premium Motions cards can be blended by combining the appropriate premium card from the road, and a base motion asset! [For instance, if you combine a RTSI #15 Premium, with a RTSI #15 Base Motion- you will receive the Premium Motion RTSI #15]. Collect all 20 cards in either variant to earn an exclusive award card! A 3D-Kong Award (1 of 6 in the series) is awarded to all collectors who complete the premium motion series.

  • King Kong of Skull Island Covers (6 cards, 5 variants)

In this release, we will release Joe DeVito’s entire library, all six book covers, in 5 exciting frames. 30 cards to collect in this drop! Collect all 6 trading cards in any variant by to earn an exclusive award card!

Any Collector that is able to make it this far without missing a card is a champion to us, and a champion of Skull Island. Collect one of each of the 80 trading cards cards on the “The Road to Skull Island”, the 30 cards from “Covers of Skull Island” to receive a special redemption token and an exclusive Award card!


Now that we have covered the books, taken the journey to the island, and taken a minute to breathe, we are here!

We are at the beginning.

King Kong of Skull Island Series 1

  • Never before seen monsters from the Island!
  • Full 3D animations!
  • Original Art By Lars Kommienezuspadt & Adam Mathison-Sward
  • Crafting / Blending / Burning
  • Awards!
  • Physical Redemptions!

Complete the maps to open areas, collect artifacts, learn the history, study the monsters, and observe King Kong battle his way around his own home. As our collector community completes the first event together, the rewards will include— more events, crafting, opportunity, and of course — more high quality King Kong animations!

Original art by Lars Kommienezuspadt’s (creator of DarkPinups), and Adam Mathison-Sward (Lead artist on many 2021 Facings projects), and mechanics Designed by Andrew Carle (Facings set designer).


5 copies of the King Kong of Skull Island Limited Edition Hardcover Book have been unearthed from an excavation party returning from Skull Island! Inserted randomly in the packs of Series 1, all you have to do to own one — is open the right pack!

KING KONG of SKULL ISLAND is a 9"x12", 268 pp illustrated novel, in slipcased hardcover. It’s a Limited Edition of only 500 books, and comes with a special, author-signed bookplate.

This epic volume chronicles the origins of the Kongs, the island’s ancient civilization called the Tagatu, and their fight to survive in the midst of Skull Island’s prehistoric denizens, culminating in the epic building of the Great Wall. Untold mysteries surrounding Skull Island’s enigmatic origins and its bizarre natural wonders are also revealed.

It’s hard to see what condition the Island, Kong, you, or I will be in after the release of series 1 — but assuming that the Island survives (it’s a reasonable assumption) — we will continue to follow the ongoing situations on the Island.

The Legacy:
From the uncharted waters of Skull Island, Joe DeVito has brought many of the world’s most famous pop culture and comic book icons to life. He is above all else the creator and illustrator of KING KONG OF SKULL ISLAND. Deemed “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant” by the Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry; KING KONG has left an indelible footprint on the world’s collective consciousness. The Cooper Estate has partnered with Joe DeVito to uniquely endorse KING KONG OF SKULL ISLAND as the official prequel/sequel to Merian C. Cooper’s legendary creation.

— — — —

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