The Alpha & Beta Promo Packs

3 min readDec 17, 2021

Containing a wide variety of content showcasing some of the stops NFTNT could take during this wild transition to the blockchain.

Each card in some way represents a project that has come to the lab — but the lab is a pretty extreme place, and not everything that goes in comes out the same (there are no guarantees here)!

In this article we will look at some of the trading cards and talk about the projects behind them.

Mothman Weekly Webbed News showcases one of the card styles in the first anticipated release “The Lore Icons: Cryptid Index 1–10” (which is available now!)

RockFjord represents one of the minds behind the action in the lab. He was given a strong utility so that we could showcase the ability to chain utility from release to release — a neat feature that will assist in story telling in the future.

Dragon Awakening & Tate’s Call are nods to the most ambitious project in the first wave of releases — bringing 10 well known fantasy artists together in one world. Amy Brown, Anthony Christou, Carla Morrow, Ed Beard Jr., Nene Thomas, Piya Wannachaiwong, Rose Khan, Ruth Thomson, Tom Wood, & Vincent Hie were all kind enough to contribute work to this project.

Ambush showcases an old piece of art from Tunnels & Trolls, and references a place known as Grimtooth’s Lair — Grimtooth is a character that has been known to show up in various fantasy properties, and he enjoys a good trap.

Catacombs combines 3 different properties for the first time. Troll and Toad’s oldest logo, a cave from Tunnel’s and Trolls, and the fan favorite Kid Cthulhu are just swirling around. Ultimately this card is the one that is supposed to imply that these promo packs are leading us to a release called Source Code.

Portal is a really excellent piece of art. Obviously there are going to be lots of properties floating around the NFTNT universe, and what better (more generic) way to connect them all than a series of portals?

Kai is an in house artist within NFTNT. Her card was included to not only introduce her, but to introduce the “First Appearance” event mechanic that promises to create excitement for collectors, and allow properties and people to make a splash debut with NFTNT. (Make sure to check out the “First Appearance” article)!

The Bronze & Silver Trophies

Built with tons of utility; these promise to be useful in the PCL.

The PCL is a league that NFTNT is bringing to WAX to give trading card collectors something to strive for. Trophies are supposed to be hard to get, and they are not expected to be seen in packs beyond Source.Code. Other than this series of trophies; they will only be awarded for set mastery, or ranking high in the league.

Cynthia & Kronos are the Super Rares in Alpha, feel free to get a look at them on the marketplace. Beta has a few surprises that are not mentioned so far in this article — a different take on a portal, and the first NFTNT Gold Standard card.

Either Regular or Gold — this cuddly evil dude is included in Beta.

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