The Trailer Park Boys Trading Card NFTs Arrive on WAX!

8 min readJul 2, 2022


The WAX Blockchain is about to become the official home of The Trailer Park Boys Trading Card NFTs. The Boys arrive on the scene, now as digital collectibles on 7/2/2022! There hasn’t been a whole lot of information released about this project yet, but; we caught up with the team behind it (us) and thought it was time to show everyone exactly what is going on!

The catalog on this bad boy is huge. With 12 live action seasons, movies, shorts, cartoons, podcasts & the constantly increasing swearnet archives — there is a full trove of material to work with. If you had to eat the world’s biggest cheeseburger, how would you do it? My pal Randy might suggest “one bite at a time” and that’s our strategy going into this massive project.

There is no way to deliver ALL of that content in ‘a few drops’ and an approach like that would be a disservice to The Boys. We know that all kinds of people, and all kinds of collectors, are going to be interested in checking it out so — we are going to deliver it in ways that give every collector (casual to hardcore) something to chase, we’re also going to make sure that every collector has a small chance at opening a pack and winding up with the holy grail of Trailer Park Boys card collecting: an Iconic Scene card.

What is an Iconic Scene card?

Iconic Scene’s are pretty easy to explain— short video clips from the show, that embody a little bit of the magic behind it. Iconic Scene cards are one of special ways that digital trading cards can put some flare on a collection where physical cards cant. To make sure that they are special, and to keep them highly desired by collector’s — we’re only going to mint 10 copies of any Iconic Scene — forever. Also, an important note for launch day — There are no iconic scene cards in any of the launch products.

When & where are THEY going to launch?

Iconic Scenes can be found in the Monthly-ish DECENT! Drop. The decent drops are a nod to high end collectors & the packs are serious business with a $20 price tag. Somehow Ricky came up with a way for them to be accessible to anyone, but we’ll get back to that in a minute. The DECENT! Drops will also be loaded down with everything from high end variants of content that has previously been released, to actual packs from the vault, exclusive collections, or physical redemptions (not quite yet).There is no guaranteed number of cards in a DECENT! Drop pack. You’ll never get NOTHING, but if you open a pack with Iconic Scene “The liquor is calling the shots now Randy!”, that’s probably the only thing you’ll see.

Why are you telling us so much about something we can’t even get during this launch?

Because Ricky. Ricky has been running one of the old operations again, and its a natural fit when aligned with trading cards. It might actually be the key to finding yourself owning your first Iconic Scene. The launch bundle comes with 5 booster packs, and — a Hash Coin NFT.

Hash Coin NFTs have some interesting utility. Most importantly — a Hash Coin can be exchanged 1:1 for a DECENT! Booster Pack which is pretty cool when you consider the price tag on those DECENT! Packs. In fact, you actually aren’t even qualified to buy a DECENT! Pack unless you are carrying a Hash Coin NFT around with you. Beyond that: hash coins are probably the good for any airdrops or events that have to happen because of non-sense in the park, & we plan to allow Hash Coin NFTs to be traded in for other cool stuff as the collection develops, and it’s probably best to keep a few of them in your wallet, you never know when an exclusive drop might require you to own a stack of them.


First we will take a look at the bundle, and then we will get into the individual products that make it up, and give you some hash hunting goals along the way. All launch day products can be purchased with WAX, other Cryptos, and Debit/Credit cards on our waxify store located at

Trailer Park Boys NFT Trading Cards DECENT! Launch Bundle!
Get two birds stoned at the same time with the purchase of this special bundle containing a sampling of everything being offered during the initial launch! ($39.99) [500 Bundles]

1 Trailer Park Boys Welcome to Sunnyvale [First Edition] Booster Pack ($9.99)
1 RICKYISM’s Wave 1 [First Edition] Booster Pack ($3.99)
2 Secret Stash Series 1 [First Edition] Booster Pack ($3.99)
1 Sh*tism’s Wave 1 [First Edition] Booster Pack ($3.99)
1 Hash Coin ($19.99)

Trailer Park Boys Welcome to Sunnyvale [First Edition] Booster Pack $9.99
There should be just enough nostalgia here for you to turn on your television & press play where-ever you watch Trailer Park Boys

5 Cards per packs, 2000 Total Packs
Each pack contains 1 card that is at least a Rare The odds of getting a Super Rare card are better than 1 in 5 packs, & Ultra Rare odds are slightly worse than 1 in 7.

30 Gold Motion cards to collect:
3 Ultra Rares (90 mints), 3 Super Rares (149 mints), 6 Rares (210), 6 Uncommons (333), and 12 Commons (500 copies).
Collect all 30 cards to earn a Hash Coin!

Something’s F*cky with this pack, if there is anything else in this pack, it isn’t a part of the 30 cards needed to complete the set.

RICKYISM’s Wave 1 [First Edition] Booster Pack $3.99
Where there’s smoke there’s wires on the Wax Blockchain. RICKYISM’s WAVE 1 is here to keep us all from ending up not in the right frames of the mind.

3 Cards per pack, 2000 Total Packs
Each pack contains 1 card with rarity at least Self-Smarted! The odds of getting a Grade 10 card are slightly better than 1 in 6 packs.

20 cards to collect in 3 exclusive rarities:
12 Smelf (334 mints), 6 Self Smarted (275 mints), & 2 Grade 10! (177 mints)
Collect all 20 cards to earn a Hash Coin!

Note: Not all hash coins are created equal. The Rickyism’s reward is much easier to collect than the Welcome to Sunnyvale coin, this is done on purpose to make sure that all collectors get the opportunity to pick a hash coin up here or there.

Secret Stash Series 1 [First Edition] Booster Pack $4.99

This 20 card series features the boys and one of their favorite products to sell. Available in Black & White, and Base variants, what a way for the boys to drop onto the WAX Blockchain.

4 Cards per pack, 4000 Total Packs
Each pack contains 1 card that is at least a Rare!

20 cards to collect in 2 variants:
Base: 10 Uncommon (420 mints) , 6 Rare (333), 3 Super Rare (249), 1 Ultra Rare (124)
Black & White: 10 Common (528), 6 Uncommon (420), 3 Rare (302), 1 Super Rate (225)
Collect all 40 cards to earn a Hash Coin!

Sh*tism’s Wave 1 [First Edition] Booster Pack $3.99
3 Cards per pack, 2000 Total Packs
Each pack contains 1 card with rarity at least Still a SH*TCARD. The odds of getting an Ultra-Sh*t card are slightly better than 1 in 6 packs.

20 cards to collect in3 exclusive rarities:
12 SH*TCARD (334 mints), 6 Still a SH*TCARD (275 mints), & 2 Ultra-Sh*t! (177 mints)
Collect all 20 cards to earn a Hash Coin!

We’ve replaced traditional Collector awards with Hash Coins.

That’s the gist of it. We want you to feel engaged with your friends at the park all the time, so we want you to have a little more say in what rewards you want. In

With an understanding of the Hash Coin NFTs, the Iconic Scenes, and the variety of things to check out at the launch, we want you to get a sense for what kind of experience we are trying to offer.

And remember — as far as content goes, this doesn’t scratch the surface. We have an internal roadmap that stretches out with over a year of content, and we’re most excited to show some older fans what kind of stuff The Boys have come up with on swearnet too.

We will be making releases public as soon as we can moving forward, expect to hear from us soon, as we get approvals and wrestle with designers. Don’t Worry the NEXT drop — we’re going to bring DECENT! Packs with us.

Though it is not 100% official yet, the Iconic Scene I am looking the most forward to in the first batch is Randy’s response to Julian talking about his career choice, the iconic “a man’s gotta eat Julian”!

I’m going to leave it at that for now. I think that gives you enough information to make an informed decision about how you plan to interact with The Trailer Park Boys on WAX! You may want to chain your grill to you porch, but that’s sort of unrelated.

Some Characters are excluded from the main Trailer Park Boys license, those characters are absent, but not forgotten.

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