Beth Alice Art on WAX!

4 min readDec 29, 2021

Next Release: Individual Art Drops! August 2022.

With all of our other launches taking flight, it is time to bring Initium back into the fold.

There are 4 variants of “Chronic” in drop 1 (including this one).

7 pieces of art are showcased in each drop with a total of 19 cards. All 7 appear once in base form (but in varying rarities), and collectively there are 12 other presentations for the group. The Ultra Rare only appears in base form.

“Raccoon” has this base version, as well as a Black & White version.

Drops 1–7:
Each drop comes with 600 packs, each pack comes with 4 cards, and every pack has a trading card that is either a Rare, a Super Rare, or an Ultra Rare. Two packs in this drop will also have a bonus item — the redemption NFT. The redemption NFT entitles the holder to a print of Beth’s piece Duality.

Drops 8–12:
Each drop comes with 300 packs, each pack comes with 4 cards, and every pack has a trading card that is either a Rare, a Super Rare, or an Ultra Rare. Two packs in this drop will also have a bonus item — the redemption NFT. (Note: the initial supply of packs, and therefor the number of prints of each card have been cut in half-ish for the remaining drops, HOWEVER — the number of redemption tokens has not!

The centerpiece for the Initium redemption NFTs, this is Duality.

We’re taking a new approach to the Gold Standard Variant with Beth’s set. 3 of the pieces of art can be blended into a gold version with 2 uncommons, 3 can be blended with a common and a rare, and the last one — the ultra rare, can be blended by mixing 3 commons. We wanted the blends to be fun and accessible, but also deliver meaningful results. Each blend will max out at 50 copies minted, so move with haste when they become available.

The Cotton Candy Snake combines a couple of everyone’s favorite things.

Collect all 26 cards (19 cards from the packs, and blend all 7 event gold cards) and earn an Award (which this week happens to be an alternate version of Duality). The date for this award will be revealed at a later time.

Apprentice is one of our personal favorites.

There are also 3 kinds of awards for following along and collecting Initium in various ways:

  • Collect all 144 Initium Common & Uncommon Trading Card NFTs to earn a NFTNT Bronze Award Package!
  • Collect all 84 Initium Ultra Rare Gold Trading Card NFTs to earn a NFTNT Silver Award Package!
  • Collect all 324 Initium Trading Card NFTs to earn a NFTNT Gold Award Package!

Again, we want to appeal to all kinds of collectors, so we have a prize package for collecting the commons and uncommons for the casual collector, a prize package for the event focused collector, and a prize package for the master collector.

Rounding out the first drop, Flowers.

Enjoy as much, or as little of this as you can handle— there is absolutely something in Initium for everyone. Make sure that you take a look at each drop as it comes out, there are no cards that will mint more than 200 copies in this drop, and none expected to break that threshold in the collection. After blending, it is possible that some rare trading cards will have mints lower than any other cards in this series — so monitor your goals as we progress.

There will be additional events and/or blends as we continue, so stay tuned — and welcome to Initium.

You can still get your hands on Beth Alice’s Coping Mechanisms first appearance, and I suggest you give it a quick look. There will be 12 alternate versions of the Ultra Rare series with exclusive access to the First Appearance holders. These are not counted in the currently existing awards, but — what if they have their own?

Beth Alice cares about being GREEN!
One of Beth’s biggest concerns coming into this project was making sure that she wasn’t using a blockchain that hurt the environment. Here is a
link to the details, but always remember that WAX is the carbon neutral blockchain.

The NFTNT Discord is a great place to meet other collectors and make sure you stay on top of new information about your favorite releases!




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